We believe that children are unique individuals who develop at various rates.
We believe that children learn from each other.
We believe that through the use of centers, children learn responsibility, independence, creativity and a desire to take ownership of his/her learning process. 
We believe that children need a warm and stimulating environs   nt.
 Holy Name Kindergarten is a full day program with a combination of academics and centers based learning experiences.  Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1st.

weekly specials – PE, library, art, computers, music, Spanish

Along with a full academic curriculum, a large part of the kindergarten experience is to learn basic school and social skills.  Skills such as, listening, raising your hand, walking in the halls, developing self-control, using an indoor voice, becoming independent learners and independent thinkers, able to take care of yourself through dressing, taking care of personal school belongings and cleaning up after yourself.

Our Curriculum includes (but is not limited to!):

Religion:  In our kindergarten classrooms, religion is much more than a subject taught. Our faith is a way of life.  We are honored on a daily basis to share our faith with our students.  To help us support our faith and religion we use the Faith First series as a resource. 
The series is divided into four units:
Unit 1 – The World is a Gift from God
Unit 2 – God Loves Us
Unit 3 – We are Friends of Jesus
Unit 4 – We Live as Friends of Jesus

At the kindergarten level we model our philosophy of our faith as a way of life. We share our faith by reading bible stories, praying, and sharing prayers as a group with and for the people we love. We attend weekly liturgy on Tuesday. We teach the prayers and recite them daily – the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, meal prayers and we pray through song. We serve our community by volunteering at St. Elizabeth Briarbank. We spend a lot of time discussing “doing the right thing” and examining our choices that we make in our daily lives.


Our math series is Go Math! Our curriculum includes but is not limited to…
Learning to represent, count and write numbers 0 to 31
Represent and compare numbers to 10
Identify and describe two and three dimensional shapes
Classify and sort data
Our daily math lessons combine both hands on interaction and practice pages.

Science and Social Studies:

Throughout the year we teach science and social studies by incorporating these subjects into our daily centers, reading lessons as well as our religion lessons.
A large part of our science program is focused around the seasons.  In the fall we study apples, apple trees, leaves, pumpkins.  In the winter we study the Antarctic and arctic regions and the animals and climate there.  In the spring we focus on plants, weather and animals and always take a trip to the Detroit Zoo
In addition we use Scholastics, Let’s Find Out and Science Spin magazines to aid us in our studies!

Reading and Language Arts:
We use the McGraw-Hill Wonders Reading series.  The program includes:
Phonics -- learning of letters and letter sounds
40 High-frequency words
Weekly concepts which are grade appropriate and include topics in science and social studies
Learning strategies for listening comprehension
Literature from different genres
Most of our students are reading the books that go with our series by the end of kindergarten.

All concepts learned in our large group reading instruction are then used in small group center lessons.

A typical day at Holy Name 

Our Kindergarten students are energetic learners!  Each day is started with a prayer and the pledge, followed by a morning meeting.  During morning meeting a calendar routine is established early in the year and learning is built upon this as the year develops.  Many of our math, literacy, speaking and listening skills are developed and nurtured during this time on the day.  Large group instruction for reading and language arts is completed in the morning. The children will then take what they have learned in large group and use it during their learning center time later in the day.  We recognize and respect the need for play and peer socialization and this is nurtured through free choice centers.  The children have lunch and then 20 minutes for recess.  The children have a short rest period after recess followed by a read aloud.  The afternoon is focused on math, religion and learning centers.  The day concludes with a prayer and we always make sure our little ones get to their parents safely at dismissal.

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