Holy Name Catholic School is the home away from home for many. A place of learning and growing, our students experience inspiration that lasts a lifetime. The possibilities are endless for our alumni and wherever their aspirations lead them, they will always be a cherished member of the Holy Name family. Read below for the heartfelt and inspiring stories from some of our Holy Name alumni.

Kathryn Dean (2006 HN graduate)

"I keep the philosophy of Holy Name that we need to be honest, responsible, and respectful of others and teach this to my students."

Kathryn Dean

I am a part of Holy Name's Class of 2006. After graduating eighth grade, I attended Marian High School, the University of Dayton, and Oakland University. I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, and have been teaching at an international school in South Korea for the past two years, and will be moving to Latvia to teach at another international school this fall. Holy Name has not only shaped me in my personal life but also in my professional career as a teacher. My teachers at Holy Name placed great importance on academics, but also taught us how to treat others through our religion lessons and everyday lessons. Though I am not currently teaching at a Catholic school, I keep the philosophy of Holy Name that we need to be honest, responsible, and respectful of others and teach this to my students. I am very grateful for the experiences and people I have met during my time at Holy Name!

Luke Dudley
(2017 HN graduate)

"I wouldn't trade [going to Holy Name preschool to 8th grade] for the world."

Luke Dudley

Holy Name gave me some of the best friends a boy could ever ask for. To this day, my best friends are still the people I went to Holy Name with. It helped me build a very strong relationship with God. Going to Holy Name and praying everyday, going to religion class, and mass helped me become a very religious person. All my teachers made it easy to transition to high school. I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to go to Holy Name from preschool to 8th grade. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Andrea Finger (2006 HN graduate)

"My roots at Holy Name gave me a strong academic and spiritual foundation."

Andrea Finger

I graduated from Holy Name with the Class of 2006. While a lot has changed, I still look fondly on my memories walking through those halls that once seemed so big. After graduation, I spent 4 years at Marian High School and then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in biology and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame. I received my doctorate in pharmacy at The Ohio State University and have spent the last year practicing as a pharmacist while completing a residency program at the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Next April I will be getting married, and I am honored to say that the ceremony will take place at Holy Name Church. My roots at Holy Name gave me a strong academic and spiritual foundation and I felt that I was more than prepared for my future education, particularly at Catholic institutions. Of note, I always felt comfortable writing essays after numerous grammar classes and five paragraph essay attempts, which remained a struggle for many of my peers throughout high school and beyond. As Holy Name had many athletic opportunities, I was able to participate in soccer, basketball, and track. Had I attended a larger school, I may not have been afforded these opportunities, especially as one of the less athletic participants. I still keep up with friends from Holy Name and continue to be amazed by all of the various ways we have been able to take our education forth and share our gifts with others.

Jack Foley (2017 HN graduate)

"Friendships, Wisdom, Faith, and courage are all huge benefits from going to Holy Name."

Alumni Jack

I am a member of Holy Name’s graduating class of 2017 and a sophomore at Brother Rice. Going to Holy Name completely prepared me for High School. Friendships, Wisdom, Faith, and courage are all huge benefits and gains from going to Holy Name. Being in high school is a whole different story from being in middle school, and that’s where the Holy Name difference comes in. Holy Name mentally prepped me, and my friends, through faith and education. I am so grateful for being able to have the privilege of going to Holy Name.

Michael Gilmour (2008 HN graduate)

"I see clearly that my success has always been rooted here on Harmon St."

Michael Gilmour

My name is Michael Gilmour, and I graduated from Holy Name in 2008. From there, I went on to U of D Jesuit and Xavier University. Although I studied Business Management, I ended up with a career working for Google. As I look back at my life and education, I see clearly that my success has always been rooted here on Harmon St. I was fortunate enough to have some academic scholarship money for both high school and college, but it was my foundation in faith and morality that has always been the true guide. I now lead efforts in my office to reinforce inclusive and equitable treatment for all employees. I love my job in tech, my career successes, and the academic rigor that got me here, but it is unquestionably the foundation of ethics and the will to continually better my surroundings that gets me out of bed in the morning. It is this Catholic mentality, not just academic excellence, that has made Holy Name such an integral part of my adult life.

Shannon Lewry (2006 HN graduate)

"I thank God for my Holy Name roots every day."

Shannon Lewry

I belong to Holy Name School's Class of 2006.  After graduating eighth grade, I attended the Academy of the Sacred Heart, the University of Notre Dame, and Notre Dame Law School.  Last fall, I got married and I started a one-year clerkship for a federal district court judge in Philadelphia.  I'll be back in Detroit in September to work for Honigman, a business law firm downtown.

It may sound like an overstatement, but I thank God for my Holy Name roots every day.  Holy Name teachers showed me the importance of self-discipline, social inclusiveness, and the connection between intellectual growth and prayer.  They gave me strong grammar and writing skills, the greatest tools for higher education I could have received.  And somehow, in the meantime, they made school fun.  A Holy Name education is a gift.  I treasure mine!

Dylan McNulty (2016 HN graduate)

"Holy Name provided me with a great education and prepared me."

Dylan McNulty

Holy Name was an amazing school that gave me a great opportunity to succeed in life. Holy Name provided me with a great education and prepared me not only for the rigor of high school, but also prepared and shaped me into a respectful young man. Many of my close friends even now are guys I grew up with at Holy Name.

Chris Sellers (2016 HN graduate)

"Holy Name [made] me ahead of the curve."

Chris Sellers

Holy Name prepared me for my journey through high school more than I could imagine. The bonds I made with friends are still as strong as ever, and I always have fun hanging out with Holy Name friends. Holy Name also impacted me in the classroom by making me a disciplined student and ahead of the curve in many subjects.

Ben Wall (2016 HN graduate)

"Holy Name blessed me... [and] set me up to succeed."

Ben Wall

Holy Name blessed me with amazing friends that I still remain close to in high school. Holy Name set me up to succeed not only in high school, but in life in general. The teachers, staff, and students of Holy Name shaped me into the person I am today. If it wasn't for their generosity with their time and energy, I am very confident I wouldn't have the same level of generosity I have for others.

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