Our families are sharing their appreciation and praise for our Holy Name staff regarding how they are handling the transition of distance learning with professional excellence and compassionate flexibility. See below what our Holy Name parents have to say:

"The teachers of Holy Name are the best" - "Overall distance learning has been a continuation of what was happening in the classroom all year..."

"We are all so sad that we cannot shower you with love and appreciation in person. The teachers of Holy Name are the best and this has been proven once again as you took on distance learning. The transition to distance learning was smooth and exceeded everyone's expectations! The Holy Name teachers have created an online environment where real learning happened not just busy work. The students have experienced teachers responding to technology issues in minutes and often times offering more than one option to resolve the issue. The Zoom lessons have been engaging and fun! Overall distance learning has been a continuation of what was happening in the classroom all year, a loving environment that pushed students to do their best! We cannot thank you all enough!! Your love, dedication and authenticity came barreling into our homes (through Zoom) and we were able to see now more than ever your value and true expertise in teaching the students!! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!

Sending love and prayers,

The Holy Name PSO (Parent Service Organization)"

The staff did an AMAZING job leading students and showing love during distance learning.
As a transfer student within a couple of weeks she felt like she had always been at HN.

"Oh Mrs Brzezinski now I will really get emotional as I see the brochure and everything else (despite my hardest efforts not to do so!). Thank you—what a beautiful video today, and I LOVED LOVED the graduation card and lawn sign too! Lauren just said that she cannot believe HN school is over forever for her and that she will miss everyone! 😭 I sure hope they all keep in touch for years to come.

Also, many thanks again to you and the staff for welcoming Lauren into the HN family as a transfer student. Within a couple of weeks she felt like she had always been there (the kids told her that too).  It meant so much and we are grateful we made the change over for middle school!

I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you to lead the school from home while managing all your family things as well.  You and the staff did an AMAZING job!  Thank you again! Your love definitely showed!

Please feel free to pass this note of appreciation on to all the staff!

Thank you again!
Pam Kennedy"
Holy Name Parent

Our second grade is on Zoom for more than an hour and the students are engaged and doing real learning!!


Thanks for all that you are doing!!! My friends in other schools cannot believe that our second grade is on Zoom for more than an hour and the students are engaged and doing real learning!! You are amazing and a wonderful teacher!!!"

Mrs. Balowski
Holy Name Parent

Thank you for your dedication to these kids

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

We really appreciate all you do for our class - especially now given these unusual times. Thank you for your dedication to these kids! You are a phenomenal teacher and we are so grateful to have had you this year!

Big hugs from the Galayda family!"
Holy Name Family

Parents and students are all so thankful for their teacher

"We are so sad that we are not able to show you our appreciation in person!... The students created [a photo] to say 'Thank you!'

Parents and students are all so thankful for you!!!

We love you!!!

Love, your 19/20 second grade class!"

I can't speak higher of the work my daughter's teacher has been doing throughout this distance learning time

"[My daughter's teacher] has been SO wonderful throughout this distance learning time, for my daughter and for me as a parent.  I can't speak higher of the work she has been doing as a teacher and as emotional support.

My note [to her teacher]:

Thank YOU! I haven't sent you MY note yet!  We truly appreciate ALL that you do! You have been amazing through this unprecedented time!  My daughter's main social outlet is the Zoom meeting and we thank you for interacting with her and supporting her and staying on with her for extended time.  It really makes her day every time you do it! We have appreciated your patience and flexibility as we all learn the technology and understanding when we are having technology issues. My daughter adores you and that motivates her to do a great job.

Thank you so much!!! We appreciate you!!!

You know how much I love the teachers at Holy Name, but I'm feeling so grateful this morning and wanted to share this note.

Thank you!"

Holy Name Parent

So glad we made the decision to send our son to Holy Name.

"Really nicely done!  I just wanted to say how well organized and prepared I feel the staff has been during this distance learning.  I have been so impressed with the connection and learning, and so happy we made the decision to send Vince to Holy Name.

Thanks, Laura Ferich"
Holy Name Parent (entered the Holy Name family in 2019)

Because of the Holy Name staff's efforts the first week of distance learning has been healthy, fun, and successful for our family.

"We hope this first week has been a healthy, fun, and successful one for you and your families! Because of your efforts - your kindness, warmth, and dedication to your profession and our school community, it has been just that for our family! 

My husband and I were chatting last night noting how incredibly warm the HN staff has been throughout this ordeal. The opportunity and the effort it takes to make this time personal is what we find to be the most rewarding! Eddie and Paige have enjoyed every photo, video, note, etc... as have we.

The Zoom meetings and lessons, as well as the email messages/notes, and simply the genuine desire to go the extra mile is so very appreciated and commendable!... 

With warmest regards and gratitude~
Amy and Edward Shehab"
Holy Name Parents

I believe there is a special place in heaven for teachers.

"I am very thankful for you and all that you do.  I watched a video this week that said there is a special place in heaven for teachers and I whole heartedly agree!!!!! ...

Thank you for all of your help.  Brynn loves the zoom time.  She misses you so much."

Dr. Kezlarian
Holy Name Parent (entered the Holy Name family in 2019)

Students look forward to our Holy Name Curriculum Coach's weekly reading Time 

"Boy, do we miss you! We so enjoy seeing the darling pictures of you - and your dog - on Morning Announcements! 

I want to thank you for the time you take each Monday to read with the children. Such a special time! I can't tell you how much Paige looks forward to it - and enjoys it! You have a knack for reading! (I am always within each shot! :-))  

Warm regards,
Amy Shehab"
Holy Name Parent

Holy Name teacher gives hope to families

"Thank you so much for the beautiful note you gave to Keagan. He was extra touched to get something just for him! I have been so impressed with how you interact with him and with all the students.  You are truly wonderful. 

I was spending time going through his open activities on Friday night (regretfully, as it has been very difficult with 2 working full time parents at home and 3 kids).  He and I were able to have some 1-1 time...  So, we went outside and looked at all his class videos from the week. We paused and saw the zoom book and re-watched it. It gave him a chance to see how he is..or not... participating in class... I found the story so calming and your manner in how you talked to them very soothing. It very much reminded me of our my hero, Mr. Rogers who I wish could give us hope right now. But you did that with your gentle way.  So.. Thank you!

Alison Conroy"
Holy Name Parent

Feel fortunate to have Holy Name teacher

"Keala and I watched you on channel 4!  You did GREAT, what an amazing thing you are doing for the healthcare workers.  We are so fortunate to have you as Keala’s teacher, you’re a wonderful example of humanity.

We love our Holy Name family.

Lisa, Nofal and Keala Paulus"
Holy Name Family

Grateful for flexibility and blessed by Holy Name teacher

"Thank you also for being flexible with me... Thank you also for making your Zoom time at a time that works for me. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but I am beyond grateful. 

We are so blessed to have you!!! ❤️

Stephanie Lazar"
Holy Name Parent

Great support from teacher and love Zoom teaching

"Thanks again for all of your support during this process... We are so sad that my daughter will not be returning to your classroom this year and can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you’ve had on us as we joined Holy Name.  We are looking forward to the zoom chats and the timing you have proposed going forward sounds perfect. I think more instructor led teaching via zoom sounds like an excellent idea and really like the idea of checking in more. I also prefer zoom to the google hangout as I think the gallery layout is easier to visualize.

Thank you,
Holy Name Parent (entered the Holy Name family in 2020)

Everything going smoothly and appreciation for lesson plans

"I think everything went very smoothly this week!  I appreciate you sending the lessons the day prior for prep time.  I love having all the links in one place.  You are doing a wonderful job - keep up the great work!

Sienna was so excited [for the Zoom meeting]."

Laura Liras
Holy Name Parent

Holy Name teachers make this transition successful for families
Beneficial lesson plans and helpful email communication

"Thank you very much for all of the detailed lesson plans that you have distributed each day, as well as the helpful tips. Melissa has been working incredibly hard with our daughter  each day, and I have also stepped in occasionally to get my daughter  set up with a new activity and have found your emails to be incredibly useful. 

Adjusting to the home school environment has not been easy (in particular keeping the younger brother and sister occupied during the day), however, we certainly appreciate the time that you have taken to make this transition as successful as possible for our family. 

Thank you,
Holy Name Parent (entered the Holy Name family in 2020)

Enjoying incorporating specials activities, announcements, and mass into routine

"Thanks so much for checking in and all the detailed lesson plans, it certainly makes me appreciate all the work you put into their typical days at school.  Admittedly, it’s been a big adjustment for me to balance my younger children and give my daughter the one on one instruction time so our schedule has shifted day to day and I try to have her do the app based work while her younger siblings are in the next room playing and I can bounce between the 2 spaces as needed and save Math and reading for the afternoons when I have my younger two in their quiet time.  As such, we usually begin around 9 and are done around 3:20 with some creative craft breaks in between. We have been doing p.e. as a family on Monday and Thursday in addition to the core subjects but have not done the other specials, although my daughter  makes time for her own art every day.  We also do start our days with the morning announcements and do often end with go noodle and Hail Mary. In addition, the kids did watch the Tuesday children’s mass and really liked it.

Holy Name Parent (entered the Holy Name family in 2020)

From overwhelmed and skeptical to smooth transition and fun learning - Appreciate teacher's instructions

"I was a bit overwhelmed when I first heard that I would be “homeschooling” Jett. With no background in education and worrying about how to keep Hudson busy while teaching Jett as well as juggling house work....I thought this is going to be impossible. The first day went so smooth and Jett was totally a different kid in “school”. He even called me Mrs. Yono! Haha. So far it has been a great experience. I am not at all tech savvy and I am still learning to navigate through these sites. The best way to log on is simply through a computer or laptop. We were using Jett’s iPad and occasionally my iPhone and we kept encountering problems. All in all we are happy and learning has been fun! Thank you for being so thorough with your instructions during this process! 

Many Blessings,
Mary Yono"
Holy Name Parent (entered the Holy Name family in 2019)

User-friendly lessons

"Hudson surprised me and was very excited to jump into his schoolwork yesterday! Thank you!...

As far as the lessons go, they are very user-friendly.  Thank you!!!  Hudson and I both found them extremely easy to follow and navigate.  I like the attachment in the email because I print a hard copy and I also like the attachment in Google Classroom because like you mentioned, it’s easy to click on and follow the links.

Thanks so much!! Stay safe and healthy!!

Stephanie Lazar"
Holy Name Parent

Teacher's unwavering support and love for our kids

"Thank you so much for your unwavering support and love for our kids during this time!  I'm already feeling a little at ease seeing what to expect for tomorrow.  I can't imagine the amount of time it's taken for you to prep these lessons, but we thank you!  I am printing out a hard copy for Hudson.  I love that he can check off boxes as he/we complete assignments tomorrow... The digital copy on Google Classroom, I have to assume, is going to be helpful, especially since you included all of the links right in the lesson plan.  Thank you for not making us hunt everything down!  I'm still a little nervous about juggling Mia, Hudson and my own workload, but I'm sure we'll start to develop a routine.  Thank you again for being so amazing!

The Lazars"
Holy Name Family

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